Past Treasurers

Members of Port Angeles Lodge No. 69 F. & A.M. who have been elected by the members to serve as Treasurer of the Lodge.

Year Name
1890-92 Henry Westphall
1893-94 Charles Tillman
1895-97 P. W. Gallup
1898-99 D. R. Burness
1900 J. C. Hansen
1901 D. R. Burness
1902-05 D. W. Morse
1906-08 W. F. Delabarre
1909-10 W. M. Morse
1911-15 R. D. Wilson
1916-17 Willard Brumfield
1918-39 William B. Smith
1940-89 G. W. Ralston
1990-91 Robert J. Garrison
2018 William F. Smith